Nadi Procedure

Thumb Impression

The Nadi leaf of an individual is located by analyzing their unique thumb impression. With thousands of Nadi leaves in our library, the thumb impression is essential for finding a visitor’s specific leaf. Thumb impressions have 108 variations based on patterns, and each variation corresponds to a set of 4-6 Nadi Bundles. By using the visitor’s thumb impression, we can narrow down the search to the relevant Nadi bundles and locate their specific leaf. Men provide right-hand thumb impressions, while women provide left-hand thumb impressions.

Nadi Leaf Searching

Once the bundles are chosen, the reader examines the poems inscribed on the Nadi leaf and explains the information to the visitor. The visitor confirms if the details resonate with their life. If not, the leaf is set aside, and the process continues until a matching leaf is found. While not every visitor finds their Nadi leaf, around 80% do based on our experience.

Matching Nadi Leaf

A matching Nadi leaf is discovered for those fortunate individuals blessed by God Shiva. It is not a possibility for everyone. The selected leaf includes the visitor’s essential details such as name, father’s name, mother’s name, date of birth, time of birth, and the purpose of the reading. This leaf holds the person’s future predictions and life events.

Kandam's Information

Unlock the 16 Kandams, a comprehensive system for profound insights into all aspects of your life.

Kandam 1 : General

Get a comprehensive overview of your personal and familial details, including names, occupations, and relationships.

Kandam 2 : Education, wealth, Prosperity, Family Life

Gain insights into your educational pursuits, financial prosperity, and the dynamics of your family life.

Kandam 3 : Siblings

Discover the number of siblings you may have and explore the intricacies of your relationships with them.

Kandam 4 : Mother Influence, Possessions

Understand the significant role your mother plays in your life and delve into your material possessions and assets.

Kandam 5 – Progenies

Learn about your children, their achievements, challenges, and the nature of your relationship with them.

Kandam 6 : Disease, Debt and Enemies

Gain insights into potential health issues, financial burdens, and threats from adversaries.

Kandam 7: Marriage Life

Unlock the mysteries of your marital life, including the timing, duration, compatibility, and reasons for any delays.

Kandam 8 : Life Span

Explore the aspects of life and death, including longevity and potential risks leading to unexpected demise.

Kandam 9 : Father, Inheritance, Spirituality

Understand your relationship with your father, inheritance matters, and delve into spiritual aspects.

Kandam 10 : Business and professional life

Receive guidance on career choices, entrepreneurial opportunities, and financial prospects.

Kandam 11 : Vehicular Profit, Second Marriage

Discover remedies to address past wrongs and their consequences in your current life.

Kandam 12 : Expenses, Rebirth, Salvation

Focus on spiritual practices, remedies for troubles, and the pursuit of salvation.

Kandam 13: Santhipariharam

Discover remedies to bring peace and harmony into your life through Nadi's predictions.

Kandam 14: Deekshai Kandam

Explore the significance of initiation and spiritual practices to enhance your spiritual journey.

Kandam 15 : Aushadha Kandam

Explore remedies and treatments for chronic illnesses and long-lasting health issues.

Kandam 16 : Disabukthi Kandam

Gain insights into planetary positions, periods, and their impact on your life and experiences.

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